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luxury Boudoir Photographer serving Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland

how do i do it?

Whether you dreamed of seeing yourself on the sleek cover of a glossy magazine or as an oil painting that marvels at the story in every detail of your body... this glam, self-love experience will instill you with the confidence of owning your beauty. 

Every body should be seen and celebrated.
Regardless of age, shape, gender, race, sexual orientation or size.

finally see yourself as a work of art

how do i do it?

By creating a space where all types of people feel comfortable being themselves, you can step into your power with images that look like the sexiest version of you.

feel like a masterpiece

hunter, 2020 client

This is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.  It was so personal and fun that the process itself was as wonderful as the photos.

Seeing the pictures for the first time took my breath away and I couldn't stop smiling.

meet kyra

While I can't promise that a boudoir session will undo years of negative self-talk, living among empowering photos of yourself can help rewire your view of yourself to feel confident and admired - like its own kind of bewitching self-care.

I'm a big believer in going against the grain, trusting my intuition, and the confidence boost that comes with  bomb lashes with dark lipstick. 

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The Coven is a safe space to learn more about the entire Bewitch Boudoir experience, celebrate what makes you feel sexiest, and hang out with other kickass womxn who are here to support YOU in your self-love journey.

You'll find your people here! In this private Facebook group,  you'll have first access to announcements and exclusive offers, be able to play fun games and interact on live tarot readings. (Plus a fun look behind-the-scenes of different sessions and product tours!) 

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